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Pure Water Science only installs equipment manufactured by PHSI, a leading maker of water purification systems. As of 2009, PHSI and its dealers support 20% of point-of-use water purification systems in the country, and that number is growing.

By choosing Pure Water Science, your company would join an expanding list of well-known companies who have chosen our water purification system over the competition to rid their offices of inferior bottled water and filter cooler solutions.



By choosing water purification systems over bottled water, our customers are making an environmentally friendly choice. Bottled water is a unsustainable product that requires millions of barrels of oil to produce the plastic bottles and then transport them from a bottling facility to the customer.

Pure Water Science offers a greener solution—the water if purified onsite and stored in a stainless steel tank. Our water purification systems use the same process the bottled water company does but removes the step of transporting and storing truckloads of heavy plastic bottles.

  • Chemicals from the plastic bottle can leach into the water over time.
  • The 5 gallon bottles are made of polycarbonate which leaches a hormone disrupting chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) into the water. BPA has been found in nearly everyone tested for it in the USA. Animal experiments link the chemical to changes in behavior and the brain, early puberty and possibly precancerous changes in the prostate and breast.
  • Millions of tons of plastic are used every year to make water bottles; disposing of these bottles contributes to air pollution. Plastic is made from petrochemicals, a non-renewable resource.
  • Bottled water is very expensive due to the high cost of shipping - the truck, driver, fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.

For more information, visit the Go Green! section of this website for videos on the environmental impact of bottled water.

Cost vs. Bottled Water

By using a water purification system and purifying your company’s drinking water onsite, your company saves money and benefits from better water in the process. As an alternative to paying by the gallon and paying by the bottled, Pure Water Science offers a set monthly rate and you know exactly how much your drinking water is going to cost each and every month. A sudden heat wave will not result in more bottles, more deliveries, and higher costs—instead the water purification system is constantly making water so you never have to worry about the water. It’s all included in your monthly rental!

  • No confusing monthly statements to reconcile
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No bottle charges
  • No increases in price



Pure Water Science offers the simplicity of Worry-Free Water by offering an ‘endless’ supply of water and a water purification system that is maintained on a strict schedule. By tapping into a water supply at your office, the Pure Water Science water purification system is able to consistently purify water up to the highest standards. As soon as water is dispensed, the system purifies more water. The device is smart and filter lights on the front of the machine alert you if the filters need to be changed earlier than expected. Service is performed on a set schedule, but there are every any concerns, the phone number for customer support is listed directly on the device.

  • Never change or store a bottle again
  • Never have to clean the inside of a water cooler again
  • Never wonder when the last time the filters were changed or if they need to be changed


Pure Water Science brings state of the art water purification systems to businesses throughout Los Angeles and has been doing so for over six years. Reduce expenses and bottled water hassles while providing employees with sparkling, great tasting water! Self-sanitizing systems combine multi-stage carbon filtration with Reverse Osmosis and a patented ozone injection process to produce a fresh, invigorating taste!

Benefits of water purification provided by Pure Water Science include:

  • 5-stage filtration system including reverse osmosis, carbon, and sediment filtration—bringing the same process the bottled water companies use right into your office
  • Patented Double Stage Activated Oxygen Injection ™ eliminates Microbiological contamination including bacteria, viruses and parasites giving you worry-free water
  • A rigorously tested machine: PHSI equipment is certified by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, NSF/ANSI 58, CE, and WQA Gold Seal standards

Facts You May Not Know About Bottled Water

  • Regulations require bottled water be tested less often than tap water; some bottled water is out of line with standards for tap water. FDA’s standards for bottled water are weaker than EPA rules for city tap water.
  • Studies show bottled water has more bacteria than tap water; bacteria begin to grow in the bottles even before they are opened.
  • About 40% of packaged water is taken from municipal sources (those pretty pictures on the bottle are just hype!)
  • The bottled water cooler is easily contaminated by algae and bacteria and it’s up to the customer to scrub and sanitize the cooler every month.
  • The bottled water cooler is susceptible to airborne contamination; anything in the air or on the bottle can get into the water.
  • A major cause of workers’ compensation injuries in a typical office is changing the 5 gallon bottle.
Activated Oxygen Injection™
Eliminates microbiological contamination, oxygenates the water and delivers freshness you can taste.
Pure-Touch Dispense™
The ergonimic design delivers a conenient dispense height and room for larger containers while keeping user’s hands awat from the dispensing nozzle.
ATS-Auto Tank Sanitation™
Eliminates microbiological contamination and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank.
Microprocessor Control
At the heart of PHSI’s patented technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors activated oxygen injection, filter life, water quality, and all other system functions. Only PHSI’s Pure Water can deliver this level of programmability and performance.


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