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About Us & Our Product

Pure Water Science brings state of the art water purification systems to businesses throughout Los Angeles and has been doing so for over six years. Reduce expenses and bottled water hassles while providing employees with sparkling, great tasting water! Self-sanitizing systems combine multi-stage carbon filtration with Reverse Osmosis and a patented ozone injection process to produce a fresh, invigorating taste!

Benefits of water purification provided by Pure Water Science include:

  • 5-stage filtration system including reverse osmosis, carbon, and sediment filtration—bringing the same process the bottled water companies use right into your office

  • Patented Double Stage Activated Oxygen Injection ™ eliminates Microbiological contamination including bacteria, viruses and parasites giving you worry-free water

  • A rigorously tested machine: PHSI equipment is certified by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, NSF/ANSI 58, CE, and WQA Gold Seal standards

Pure Water Science is a locally owned and operated family business.


Service & Support

At Pure Water Science we pride ourselves on helping our customers. Under our agreement, any maintenance and upkeep of the machines is covered, delivering worry-free water to you.

You will not find automated telephone systems or hard to reach customer support either. Our phone number is listed on our service van, every one of the machines we install, and all of our correspondence—call us today and see how we can help out your business.



Pure Water Science only installs equipment manufactured by PHSI, a leading maker of water purification systems. As of 2009, PHSI and its dealers support 20% of point-of-us water purification systems in the country, and that number is growing.

By choosing Pure Water Science, your company would join an expanding list of well-known companies who have chosen our water purification system over the competition to rid their offices of inferior bottled water and filter cooler solutions.

With dealers across the country and the national accounts program, Pure Water Science can put assist you in arranging your water needs anywhere your business is and happens to be in the future.

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Pure Water Technology

Pure Water Technology® products meet the highest standards for safety and performance.